Fox Runner Game  

Immerse Yourself in a Whimsical Race for Glory! Step into the enchanting world of Fox Runner Game, a fast-paced, 2D platformer that combines the excitement of speedrunning with the innovation of blockchain technology. Race against up to three other players in a vibrant, cartoonish environment where quick reflexes and strategic item usage are the keys to victory.


In the magical realm of Fox Runner, foxes from all corners of the world come together to prove their speed and agility. These daring creatures compete in exhilarating races, navigating treacherous terrains and cunning traps to claim the title of the fastest fox. As a racer, you’ll traverse through diverse landscapes, from enchanted forests and ancient castles to futuristic cities and volcanic islands, each offering unique challenges and breathtaking visuals.


Fox Runner Game is designed for both casual gamers and competitive players, featuring intuitive controls and engaging mechanics:

Autorun Adventure:

Characters automatically dash forward, leaving you to focus on jumping over obstacles, sliding under barriers, and dodging traps.

Strategic Item Use:

Collect and deploy various items like bombs, shields, and energy drinks to outmaneuver your opponents and gain an edge.

Dynamic Maps:

Race through beautifully crafted maps, each with its own theme, obstacles, and hidden paths to explore.


Multiplayer Madness:

Compete in real-time against players worldwide, or create private lobbies to challenge your friends.

Blockchain Integration:

Leverage Web3 technology with NFT-based character skins and token rewards, adding a unique layer of ownership and engagement to your gaming experience.

Stunning Art and Animation:

Enjoy high-quality, cartoonish graphics and fluid animations that bring the whimsical world of Fox Runner to life.

Diverse Environments:

Explore a variety of maps, from the lush Magical Forest and the high-tech Sci-Fi City to the perilous Volcanic Island and the majestic Enchanted Castle.

Tokenomics & Rewards  

Earn and Spend Tokens:

Win races to earn tokens, which you can use to purchase energy, cosmetic items, and special equipable boosts.

Play-to-Earn Model:

The more you race and win, the more rewards you accumulate, creating an engaging and rewarding gameplay loop.


  • Finalize Game Concept and GDD ✅
  • Assemble Development Team ✅
  • Define Project Scope and Milestones ✅
  • Initial Art Concepts and Style Guide ✅
  • Develop a Basic Playable Prototype.
  • Test Core Mechanics and Gameplay.
  • Initial Blockchain Integration.
Alpha Development
  • Develop Core Game Features.
  • Implement Web3 Features and Tokenomics.
  • Design and Develop Multiple Maps.
Beta Development
  • Complete Game Content.
  • Extensive Testing and Bug Fixing.
  • Implement Sound and Music.
  • Final Preparations for Launch.
  • Marketing and Community Building.
  • Final Polishing and Optimization.
  • Official Game Release.
  • Monitor Launch Performance.
  • Provide Immediate Support.